Registration for Chinese Chess Competition (29/3)

Dear Students,
1) Please register for the Chinese Fan Painting Workshop. 
2) You are encouraged to signed up for the workshop that does not clash with your CCA. 
3) Registration is on a first come first serve basis.
4) You may check back on this webpage to see if your registration for the workshop is successful. 

TIME: 315 pm to 5 pm 

Thank you for the overwhelming response. The registration for the competition is now closed!
Thank you for signing up for the competition. 

Participants Namelist:

1王伟柏, Samuel Ong102
2孙齐耀 David Sun Qi Yao301
3ong Jing Ying,王靖颖103
4Evangeline Teo Jia Xuan / 张家瑄102
5林瑞恩 Megan Lim Rui En108
6萧熙恩,aidan siow xi en105
7刘姵妤 Low Pei Yu104
8Ong Hong Yu/ 王鸿宇107
9邓世荣,Tang Shi Rong105
10Oo Kai Jun 胡凯军108
11陈丰源 Tan Hong Guan107
12黄仕裕(Ng Shi Yu)105
13吴婧慈 Goh Jun Ci204
14张睿贤Chong Rui Sian204
15周子恒 Chu Tze Hern108
16宋嘉杰 Javier Song106
17柯伟乐 Kwa Wei Le207
18庄艺杰 Isaac Chng302
19李荣辉 Justin Lee103
20陈彦杰 (Reginald Tan)107
21谢文凯 Keith Chia Wen Kai203
23许友珊 Koh Yew Shan204
24张敏恩 Natalie Teo Megan204
25Sebastian Choo, 朱勇强204
26秦关 Qin Guan201
28Goh Jip Wah 吴叔华204
29庄狄恩 Chng Dee Ian204
30尹建伦 Wan Jian Lun203
31Chua Yunheng Evaan (蔡昀恒)204
32刘雪玲 Celeste Low401

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