Registration for the Bilingual Talk by Mr Danny Yeo (28/3)

This talk is organised for the UPPER SECONDARY CL/ HCL students.
LOWER SECONDARY CL /HCL students can come for the talk by signing up using the google form.

Dear Students,
1) Please register for the Workshop. 
2) You are encouraged to signed up for the workshop that does not clash with your CCA. 
3) Registration is on a first come first serve basis.
4) You may check back on this webpage to see if your registration for the workshop is successful. 

DATE: WED  28 MARCH 2018
TIME: 230 pm to 330 pm (1hr ) 
VENUE: Auditorium 

Thank you for signing up for the workshop  
Participants Namelist:

1Rachel Ng Li En黄丽恩S106
2Low Pei YuLow YuS104
3Ng Jing Rou黄菁柔S106
4Jade Ong Sze Ru王思茹S105

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